Anasounds Ego Driver Overdrive

Anasounds Ego Driver Overdrive

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We all know the Tube Screamer, it’s not as if we all have one at home! We have been using it as the best tool to boost an amp already crunched. Gain at 0, volume at full and here we go! We cut through the mix, we are in the spotlight and we avoid dribbling on the spectrum of the other band mates. There are of course other combinations and tonal experimentations to be used from this schematic, and that’s what we’re going to study!

Over the past few years, our team has analyzed more than a hundred schematics inspired by the OD 808. Thanks to this knowledge database, we have now created a new pedal, called the Ego Driver. It is able to reproduce all these vintage sounds, and go further by creating new ones! To achieve this it is quite simple, we focus on the saturation stage and unveil all the keys of its design. In addition, with the Ego Driver and the FX Teacher project, you will be able to create your own Tube Screamer, customize it and understand how to better adjust it to optimize your tone!

A bag of components to be mounted on the terminal blocks accompanies it in order to customize its pedal as much as possible with only a screwdriver! No need for soldering iron and tools.

  • OUT, the output level
  • GAIN, the OD saturation level
  • TONE, the filter 808 style
  • VOICING, in the middle the original tone, at the bottom, the capacitor you chose on the terminal block, at the top, more present bass.
  • CLIPPING, on top the original 1N914 diodes, at the bottom are the diodes screwed to your terminal block, in the middle, no diodes for a clean boost.

Indeed, you always have the easy-to-access front panel settings, they allow you to quickly adjust your pedal. On the inside, you know our trimpots well, we’re definitely fans of them at Anasounds. These are very fine small adjustments that offer a sound precision worthy of the creator. But this time, on top of all that, we added terminal blocks! They allow components to be easily added and removed with a simple screwdriver. So if you want to change the clipping diode or filter capacitor, then you can! Like you ended up… creating your own pedal!

  • VOICING, only capacitors are screwed on. Depending on the capacitor chosen, we will boost more bass, medium or treble.
  • DIODES, only diodes are screwed on. It allows to have more or less saturation and different harmonics.

The following trimpots are used to voicing the effect. When they are turned clockwise, gain is added to the selected frequency band. The effect becomes more saturated and more modern. On the other hand, warmer and more vintage.

  • BASS, acts on the bass when the voicing switch is up.
  • CUSTOM, acts on the screwed capacitor to the terminal block when the voicing switch is at the bottom.


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