Zander Circuitry SiClone Fuzz
Zander Circuitry

Zander Circuitry SiClone Fuzz

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Embrace sonic anarchy. Probably the most versatile fuzz in the world. The SiClone was the first pedal produced by Zander Circuitry, and it’s still going strong. There’s always room for improvement though, and the latest version of the SiClone is more versatile and more chaotic than ever. A knob-fiddler’s dream, the SiClone makes fuzz flexible. And it can take you from vintage low-gain sounds all the way through to complete and utter sonic annihilation.

A silicon fuzz with a difference, the SiClone goes well above and beyond simple gain and volume knobs. The extra controls make it easier and more intuitive to pull a wide range of different tones from the pedal, without having to mess around with different battery voltages or combinations of pedals to get a specific sound.

  • Shunt: A gate control of sorts, that tames any unpredictable or unwanted feedback for a sharp, stuttering decay.
  • Squash: Compression on the signal’s attack, which creates synth-like effects when turned up.
  • Starve: Restriction on the amount of voltage supplied to the circuit, to easily replicate the sound of a perfectly drained battery.
  • Bright: A tone stack control made up of a high-pass and a low-pass filter for added EQ tweaking.
  • Body: Restrict the amount of low-end frequencies that pass through the circuit.
  • Punch: Alter the mid-range characteristic of the signal for even more tonal control.

To add to the flexibility, the Bright and Punch controls can be bypassed with the second footswitch, for a full, fat sound that’s rich with mid-range frequencies. This is set to a higher output for a boosted level, but there’s an internal trimmer if you’d prefer to set your own balance between the two output levels. All of the different controls on the SiClone bring their own magic to the equation, but it’s a cohesive organism. Altering one part of the circuit will affect the whole thing, so dive right in and start experimenting.


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