Tonetuga FX Songbird Overdrive, Black
Tonetuga FX

Tonetuga FX Songbird Overdrive, Black

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The Songbird is the Tonetuga FX take on a crystal-clear overdrive. This will get you those Wide/Fat, Airy tones and the elaborate fullness of a hot running tube amplifier, without over-coloring your original signal. Consider this a general tone enhancer that has the ability to get your clean amp into breakup territory.

The Volume and Gain controls are designed to work in tandem with one another, similar to a Volume and Master on an amplifier. The tone control is a modest EQ shaping that will get help fatten or lighten your signal by cutting the low-end and leaving the high end mostly intact.

Now is where we can say things like: “Glassy SRV tones”, “That Tin Pan Alley sound” or “That John Mayer Bluesy thing”. And, yeah, it does that too! But we’d be happier if you use the Songbird to sound like YOU. This is going to help you get more SING out of your setup.

Want to tighten up a wild overdrive? Stack with this bad boy. The Songbird stacks incredibly well with other drives, specifically recommended to stack this with our Clockwork Multidriver!

Want a preamp to plug directly into your interface? The Songbird does that too. I personally use a Songbird as a Bass Preamp and plug directly into my desk. Works like a champ!


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