Tonetuga FX Clockwork Multidriver Overdrive Distortion Fuzz, Black
Tonetuga FX

Tonetuga FX Clockwork Multidriver Overdrive Distortion Fuzz, Black

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Can you only have one dirt pedal? Something that spans all the way from a crisp treble boost to a crunchy distortion to a fuzzy sustain all from three knobs? I am a small board fan, 4-5 pedals at a time. This keeps me creative and fresh. So my drive section is always a little small and I needed to condense a few grit categories into one easy to use pedal.

I wanted something that didn't feel like it was three independent knobs, but rather three knobs that all work together in a sweet harmony. Like the inside of a grandfather clock, there is tons going on but it all just, works. This struck me as "Clock like" because all of the knobs could be set pretty much anywhere and still sound incredible. There is no one "Sweet Spot", they're all sweet.

I called this a "Multi Driver" because at low gain settings it acts like a treble booster. At mid gain/high volume, you get a sweet crunchy distortion. At High gain/High volume settings, you lower gain fuzz face lead tone.

Ultra bright LED, rugged foot switch, easy to grab unobtrusive knobs, all in a rugged, pedal board friendly enclosure. As always, handmade in Charlotte, NC.

Secret Setting: Bit Crush-Factory of Fuzz-ish Atom Smashing Glitch Nonsense: Gain set to max, roll guitar volume around minimum (1-2) for absolute destruction. Set guitar volume to approximately 3 (edge of destruction) for a filtered /bit crushed fuzz tone. **These effects are at their best when the Clockwork Multidriver is first in the signal chain**


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