Tech 21 FR-ACOU Acoustic Fly Rig
Tech 21 FR-ACOU Acoustic Fly Rig
Tech 21

Tech 21 FR-ACOU Acoustic Fly Rig

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The all-analog SansAmp is, of course, its center point. Sweepable, semi-parametric, active EQ controls provide professional grade tweakability for any situation. There’s a Notch Filter, sweepable from 70Hz to 350Hz, designed to diminish the sensitivity for feedback caused by the resonating, low frequencies of acoustic guitars. A Low Pass Filter, sweepable from 16kHz to 1.5kHz, rolls off undesirable frequencies and artifacts. BOOST Independent Boost function, up to approx 12dB, for solos. Includes a wide mid-range boost for improved clarity. Acoustic Fly Rig

OTHER FEATURES: • Phase Flip switch flips the signal 180 degrees in phase to help combat feedback • 1/4-inch 1megOhm input • XLR output with ground lift • 1/4-inch low impedance output • Headphone button switches the 1/4” output into headphone mode • Rugged, all-metal housing • Metal footswitches and jacks • Silent-switching, custom footswitch actuators • Utilizes included 9V DC Universal Power Supply: Model #DC9. “Auto-switching,” self-adjusting 100V-240V, 200mA. Includes interchangeable international prong assemblies for EU, UK, Australia/New Zealand. Can be used anywhere in the world.

REVERB Dedicated Reverb function emulates the rich ambiance of open spaces, ranging from room to hall.

DLA/CHR DLA emulates a warm sounding analog delay. It features Time and Repeats controls and dedicated Tap Tempo footswitch.

CHR is a preset chorus based on pitch-shifting technology for a more natural, 12-string-style sound.

TUNER Chromatic Tuner is within the EFX section. You simply hold down the TAP/TUNER footswitch to engage the Tuner, which simultaneously mutes the signal path.


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