Servus!Pedale Roots Reverb/Tremolo/Overdrive

Servus!Pedale Roots Reverb/Tremolo/Overdrive

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DESCRIPTION The Servus!Roots offers three high quality effects in one pedal: Overdrive, Tremolo and Reverb.


Overdrive1From an elegant clean booster to a warm crunchy tone. The overdrive section of the Roots offers a natural tone and adds an extra boost to your amp maintaining the original guitar tone.

Thanks to the two band EQ it's easy to reach the desired tone.


The Servus!Roots Tremolo bring the sound of the vintage tube amps tremolos. All the signal path is completely analog.

Digital control*: Combining the digital and analog worlds it's the best way to have an authentic sound with a lot of versatility. Only one potentiometer selects between 4 different wave forms, 10 different tempo subdivisions and the speed of the tremolo.


*Tap tempo LFO created by Harald Sabro

Four wave forms: Sine, Triangle, Square and Sawtooth


Ten notes subdivisions: Whole notes, Dotted half notes, Half notes, Dotted quarter notes, Quarter notes, Dotted eighth notes, Eighth notes Dotted sixteenth notes, Triplet notes, Sixteenth notes

Tap Tempo: Tap tempo function with led indicator. High quality clickless switch.

Tap tempo

REVERB The Servus!Roots offers a clean classic reverb. At maximum level some modulation it's added to obtain more space sounds.



The Servus!Roots has independent IN and OUTs on each of the three effects. The chain (Overdrive->Tremolo->Reverb) can be split anywhere to add more effects in between or to connect for example only the reverb to the Amp FX Loop.



The Relay True Bypass system uses a soft touch switch (no click), a high quality relay and a microcontroller to activate the effect. This type of switches are much more durable and silence than the classical 3PDT switches used on True Bypass pedals.


WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm. For more information go to