Retro Mechanical Labs Pedal And A Gun 2.0, White
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Retro Mechanical Labs Pedal And A Gun 2.0, White

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The Pedal and a Gun overdrive and distortion pedal is a new take on an old classic. Born of many hours of listening to the Blues, this pedal embodies those times when your woman done you wrong, the man has got you down and there just ain’t seem to be no relief, and all you need is a guitar and amp. Maybe a Pedal and a Gun.

The original wood version of this pedal was created in part for Tosin Abasi of Animals as Leaders after a chance meeting. His comments… “impressive and classy” and “It sounds and feels great! I love the ‘hot’ semi-driven tones it can produce, while retaining clarity and enhancing articulation.”

The Pedal and a Gun combines an overdriven tube-ish sound with distortion. It is based on that classic tube-ish screaming circuit but with a serious twist. Those circuits never felt aggressive enough to me. The “Recoil” knob multiplies the distortion and filter response. It can become quite aggressive.

In RML fashion I put in a parallel clean circuit. The mixing method is a little outside the box. It is a bit of an experiment in parallel processing. The “Mix” knob controls the mix between the distortion/overdrive and the clean boost. The volume only controls the volume of the distortion output but does not touch the clean. This in my opinion adds a whole new level of mixing control.

As someone who is OCD about mixing, recording and sound design I find it very important to explore ways to maintain the quality of tone. It does no good to spend excessive amounts on an instrument and an amp, then destroy the signal with a distortion pedal. ***That is unless you want to. If so please see the EFC series of guitar pedals.

One way to preserve the tone is to mix in a cleaner tone under the distortion and then let your amp take it from there. That is what this pedal does. Its also why this is a repeating theme at RML.

  • Not just a distortion/overdrive. Can be used completely clean with no distortion at all. 2 pedals in one.
  • Works with bass guitar. Not recommended for synths.
  • Ideal for people concerned with quality of tone. Preserves the fidelity of the low end.
  • Jumbo 10mm LED responds to your playing like a meter.
  • Name prevents social media from sharing your posts thus keeping the secret of “your tone” from other posers who just want to rip you off without doing their own research.
  • Telling people you need “A pedal and a Gun” might red flag you.


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