Retro Mechanical Labs Electron Fuzz Custom Eurorack, Fallout Black
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Retro Mechanical Labs Electron Fuzz Custom Eurorack, Fallout Black

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We have transformed the Electron Fuzz Custom into 100% full eurorack format. This is the full production run. Laser cut aluminum panel. Built by organic free range Portlanders. Lots of videos on Instagram.

I’ve added the GPI (Guitar Pedal Interface) input attenuation. This lets you bump the input down even lower levels to compensate for the hotter eurorack line levels. It also give you the ability to still use it with guitars and standard line level instruments such as external drum machines and synths like with the original guitar pedal. You can literally patch a guitar right in using the proper 1/4″ to 1/8″ cable.

Taking full advantage of the higher voltages available I was able boost the final output of the pedal to full eurorack levels. The “Bleed” (Clean Mix) is now independent of the distortion GPI attenuation. So mix that awesome hi-fidelity signal in with your distortion, or turn it completely off. Its up to you!

I’ve included the original “EFC” output. This is a direct tap of the pre-eurorack EFC guitar pedal. The output is muted when in bypass. The output is lower (like the original pedal) and before the final op amp gain staging. Feel free to plug an output signal in and see what happens. Its an “in” AND an “out”.

This version has conventional knobs. Meaning as you turn to the right the volume increases. The original pedal works in reverse. I will likely change that back when we have the manufactured panel.

IMPORTANT: This is a high gain distortion. It will boost any line noise you feed into it. This is most apparent when the x1000 toggle is engaged. You may think your system is quiet until you crank that gain up! It will not insert noise into your system, only amplify noise that is already there. This is a byproduct of distortion pedals and is not something I can filter out without affecting the sound. If you have it plugged in and NOT in bypass mode you will hear your systems line noise. This might be an non-issue since its not noticeable while sound is running through it. Naturally when not using it and nothing is plugged into it you wont hear anything. I just like to remind people there are consequences to your actions. Artificially boosting your gain this much sounds great but is not without its artifacts. It has true bypass just like the guitar pedal. Yeah thats crazy but I left that on for performances.

Just like on the standard pedals there can be potentiometer wiper noise. Most apparent when no sound is running though the pedal.


WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm. For more information go to