Paradox Effects Fuzz-E Cat Modulated Fuzz
Paradox Effects

Paradox Effects Fuzz-E Cat Modulated Fuzz

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This pedal is a roaring oscillatory feline, a highly sensitive Fuzz that creates many textures with few controls. The Fuzz-E Cat® is a silicon based effect, our amorphous take on the Fuzz Face topology, the special double feedback loop design on the circuit, creates anything from 8bit tones, to oscillations that intermodulate with your guitar fighting for survival, to gated fuzzy tones that cut the signal when you’re not playing.

Two general modes steer this pedal, Oscillation and Gate, and because of the input impedance of the effect, each one has a highly responsive tone with the instrument you’re using.

On Oscillation mode, the Fuzz knob controls the frequency of the tone generator, going from high pitch, to a rumbling low frequency that enhances fat synthetic tones. On Gate mode, the circuit converts the tone to a PWM (pulse width modulation), controlling the width of the trigger signal when you attack the instrument, changing the general harmonic content, creating strangled thin fuzzy tones to a fat and fuller timbre response.

Synth-octave tones, ripping Velcro, with unpredictable octaves as the guitar's strumming decays; the Fuzz-E Cat® is a responsive fuzz that speaks its own language. CV In option to use this beast as VCO, or a robotic 8bit entity struggling to be more human.

  • VOLÚMEN - Controls the output level of the effect.
  • FUZZ - The Fuzz knob Works differently depending on the position of the switch: GATE / OSC
  • OSCILLATION - On Oscillation mode, the Fuzz knob controls the frequency of the oscillation.
  • GATE - On Gate mode, the Fuzz knob acts similar to a PWM.


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