Onkart Gromt FunkyFellow Bass Envelope Filter
Onkart Gromt

Onkart Gromt FunkyFellow Bass Envelope Filter

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FunkyFellow is a filter pedal with A LOT of options. You can use it as an envelope filter (HP,BP or LP), change the corner frequency of the filter, use expression pedal as a wah and even add some modulation on top of the filter.

FunkyFellow was designed to be an advanced envelope filter effect. User friendly (as it shows how the filter moves), fun and funky. This guy has a lot of options and will give you hours of joy. Because of all the options, there is a real risk that you forget how you got that funky sound you had last gig. That’s why we also put in 5 presets that can be accessed with the foot during a gig. Of course, you can change the presets to your own taste.

SENSE - Sense (sensitivity) controls how much the filter will move dependent on the amplitude of the signal. If you set it to 1, the filter will stand still and the higher the Sense, the more the filter will move the direction set. If the expression pedal input is active, this control will change. Then the mid position is 0 and you can set it either negative CCW (the expression pedal will move the filter down) or if you turn it CW the expression pedal will move the filter up.

RESONANCE - Resonance is how much gain it will be at the set frequency. The more resonance, the “quirkier” sound you will get. But remember that you might run into distortion if the levels get to high. The resonance (Q value) can be set from 1.2 to 4

FREQUENCY - This knob adjusts the resonant frequency of the filters. That means highest point in the frequency spectrum on the screen. As the filter moves back and forth around a certain frequency, you can get a lot of different sounds and variations dependent of the input signal.

LEVEL - As the filter effects the overall loudness of the audio signal, it is sometimes needed to adjust the output level. It can be adjusted from -6dB to +6dB

MENU/MODULATION - By pushing the ‘Level’ knob, you will activate the Modulation Mode To adjust the Modulation Speed, turn the same knob. To disable the modulation mode, just click the button once more. If you load a preset with the modulation mode set, it will automatically change the function of the right footswitch to be used as a Tap Tempo.


WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.