Mammouth Machine Octarat Octave Distortion
Mammouth Machine

Mammouth Machine Octarat Octave Distortion

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Adds Distortion to your signal and then duplicates it two octaves down for a huge subterranean tone. The octarat is a fantastic distortion/octaver with a wide range of sounds, there's a ton of fun and chaos to be had here. It works really well for both guitar and bass.

G(Gain): Adjusts the gain level. 
T(Tone): Rolls off brittle high-end frequencies, producing a darker tone. 
V(Volume): Adjusts the overall volume level. 
D(Direct): Blend of your original tone and the effect. 
O(Octave): Set the octave.

Standard 9 volt boss type power supply. 
1/4" input and output jacks 
True Bypass 
No internal battery clip 
Cnc etching finition.



WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm. For more information go to