Free The Tone SLK-SLIM Solderless Slim Patch Cable Kit
Free The Tone SLK-SLIM Solderless Slim Patch Cable Kit
Free The Tone

Free The Tone SLK-SLIM Solderless Slim Patch Cable Kit

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Free The Tone worked on the development of its first solderless plugs and launched them in July 2012 ― almost 10 years ago. The advantage of being able to easily make cables in the required length and in the required quantity is enormous and solderless plugs have now become indispensable for wiring pedalboards.

Free The Tone not only supplies solderless plugs, but actually uses them in its manufacturing of custom pedalboards for professional musicians. Since these pedalboards are used for recording and touring, they must have both good sound quality and high durability. And in order to respond quickly to equipment changes, cables have to be able to be prepared easily by anyone. That’s why Free The Tone created its own solderless plugs and dedicated cables.

Pedalboards are now getting smaller and smaller, creating a need for more compact plugs. The spacing between effect units has become narrower, and in many cases, plugs are in contact with each other. When there are multiple routes for electricity to flow, ground loops can result in audible hum. Taking into consideration these needs, miniaturization of plugs, and prevention of ground loops, the “SOLDERLESS SLIM” was finally born. And since the metal part is covered with a resin plug cap, electricity does not flow even if the plugs come into contact with each other. Furthermore, by selecting the angle at which the cable is pulled out, a straight or right angle type cable can be created with this plug cap, making it compatible with a wide variety of effect units.

The “SOLDERLESS SLIM” not only reduces the space needed for wiring and prevents unnecessary electricity flow, but may also allow you to add another effect unit to your pedalboard. We hope you enjoy building your pedalboard with our new “SOLDERLESS SLIM” plugs.

  • SL-SLIM plugs 10 pcs
  • SL-SLIM caps  12 pcs including spare 2pcs
  • SL-SLIM screws 12 pcs including spare 2pcs(10 screws are attached to the plugs)
  • CU-416 Cable 3m
  • Manual


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