Fredric Effects Scrambled Brains Fuzz
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Fredric Effects Scrambled Brains Fuzz

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This is a clone of the rare and desirable Ampeg Scrambler, faithful to the originals with the addition of 9V power jack, status LED, true bypass and now a volume control. The Scrambled Brainz is a harsh upper-octave fuzz with a few ring-mod tones thrown in.

'Texture' sets the amount of upper octave fuzz (so turned down it sounds like a 'normal' fuzz pedal, and turned up you get octave and ring-mod sounds) and 'blend' sets the mix with your clean guitar sound. Due to popular demand, we've added a boost circuit and volume control, so you no longer have to make do with the unity gain of the original circuit.


WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm. For more information go to