Dogman Devices Chum Fuzz
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Dogman Devices Chum Fuzz

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Gated fuzz. Lots of bite. Knob controls volume, instrument volume control influences sputter/gating. Get synth-like palm muted tones or just explosive, thick, and chewy fuzz.

Ever come with an amazing riff only realize it is a song you like but in a different key or something? In that same fashion, Chum is based on the Bazz Fuss. The key differences are that, while it still works for bass, is more focused on the guitar, and it is intentionally gated (this means soft sounds don’t really get through, like a noise gate). This means that while there is a lot of fuzz (and volume) on tap, Chum goes from silent to explosive, and these explosive notes fart out back into silence after a bit. There’s enough sustain for a lot of applications, but not really drone or doom.

Despite the high gain, extended chords still sing clearly. And because of the high gain + gating, some clever palm muting can lead to chiptune-like synth sounds.

All enclosures are different. Most are marbled, and others get further treatment, such has weathering paint, etching with electricity or acid, metal stamps, etc.


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