Catalinbread Blood Donor Fuzz Distortion, 2023 (Limited Edition)

Catalinbread Blood Donor Fuzz Distortion, 2023 (Limited Edition)

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In 2020, the folks at Catalinbread were hard at work coming up with any way they could to use their facilities to help those in need. From that, the Blood Donor was born. A portion of the proceeds was donated directly to charity and it sold out almost immediately. Just two years later, the Blood Donor is back on the menu but with a handful of updates. This year, we’ve updated the artwork for 2023 and selected a new charity to support. For every Blood Donor sold in the month of March, Catalinbread will donate a portion of each domestic sale to ALS research. Though the cause has changed, the message is as vital as ever; giving one’s blood is still an important act of charity and you should continue to do so.

With that said, the Blood Donor is a revamped and fine-tuned version of the venerable Katzenkönig with a slew of changes that truly unlocks the circuit’s potential. A well-curated transistor set pushes the saturation and gain of the Katzenkönig topology to their electrical limits, giving the old cat a little more fur and bite. The noise floor has been trimmed while widening the utility of all controls, giving an increased range of input sensitivity that mimics the volume knob on your guitar. Get into it!

The Catalinbread Blood Donor can be powered with a standard 9V battery, or a center-negative, regulated 9V DC external power supply.

Like all Catalinbread gear, the Blood Donor is hand-built in beautiful Portland, Oregon by a mostly caffeine-fueled staff of musicians, gear heads, and artists.


WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm. For more information go to