Adventure Audio Lunge Chorus

Adventure Audio Lunge Chorus

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You’ve been surfing the sea of chorus pedals but nothing seems to put the warble in your tone quite the way you want. That’s why you are here… Let Lunge drift your tone down the stream and around the bend into a warble-y dream. This digital octave chorus has as many shifting tones as there are waves in the ocean. Warp and warble your way to the adventure you’ve always needed.

Warp - warps the octave pitch, add or subtracts pre-delay, and effects the range of the rate knob. What it is really doing is changing the clock speed of the ADAC.

Blend - 100% Blend of chorus and your dry input signal.

Rate - Rate of internal LFO controlling the chorus.

Depth - Depth of chorus

Octave -/+ - at noon, there is neither octave up or down. All the way down: full octave down. All the way up: full octave up


WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm. For more information go to