Kyro Audio Dulo 830 Pedalboard Amplifier
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Kyro Audio Dulo 830 Pedalboard Amplifier

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The KYRO DULO 830 is the perfect gig, fly rig, and on-the-spot recording solution. Plus, save a ton a space, money, and your back! This thing literally fits in a pocket! No matter whether you're a traveling musician or you play for fun, you can take your amp everywhere you go. You can put it on your pedalboard, gig bag or carry-on luggage.

DULO utilizes the latest Class D technology and high-grade components. There are no vacuum tubes or complex digital signal processing units, which makes it robust & durable even in the most severe conditions. In addition, the DULO has built-in short circuit and overheating protection that makes it virtually impossible to blow out.

You don’t have to worry about having a cabinet handy either. The DULO amp has a built-in cab simulator. The DI output makes it possible to connect it straight into a mixing console, recording interface or PA system. The simulator can also be bypassed in order to use an impulse response (IR) from your computer or other simulators during recording sessions. No matter whether you're a traveling musician or you play for fun, you can take your amp everywhere you go!

By delivering 30 watts RMS through an 8Ω cab, the loudness of DULO is close to a 30 watt tube amp. Plus, the output power stage enters a slight overdrive when cranked up, which enhances the tube-like experience. DULO 830 works well with a wide range of speaker cabs. It can match any impedance between 4 and 16 ohms. This makes the amp extremely versatile. Connect in parallel up to 4 cabs with 16Ω impedance.

  • 3 Band Equalizer - DULO has a classic 3-band EQ. It adds a soft touch to your tone without killing the overall dynamics. It can be switched off via the EQ bypass switch.
  • Presence Control - The presence knob allows you to control harmonics, add more crispness to muddier cabs, and remove the buzz from speakers with more highs.
  • Bright Switch - Bright switch boosts treble and high mids. Particularly useful with humbucker-equipped guitars.
  • Tone Enhancer® allows the amp to stand out from other Class D amps that are already on the market.

DULO 830 offers the huge benefit of non-true bypass circuits by implementing high-quality and wide dynamic range input buffers. Simply put, it allows you to plug your guitar directly into the amp without losing the instrument’s tone quality. The gain is distributed evenly to all input stages. This results in high amplification gain without any undesirable distortion. With its high headroom, the DULO can reproduce the quietest and the loudest tone played with boutique quality. Unlike many solid state amps, DULO makes you feel like you’re driving the speaker directly with your fingers, giving you the closest experience to playing a real tube amp.

  • Output Power: 30W @ 8Ω / 15W @ 16Ω / 60W @ 4Ω
  • Input Impedance: 1MΩ
  • Direct Line Out: +4dB (3.472 Vpp)
  • Power Supply: 100 - 240VAC
  • Weight: 0.81 kg / 1.81 lbs (incl. power adapter)
  • Amp Dimensions: 95 x 120 x 50 mm / 3.75" x 4.75" x 2.0"
  • Adapter Dimensions: 50 x 124 x 32mm / 2.00" x 5.00" x1.25"


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