Tom Tone FoxxOct Fuzz
Tom Tone

Tom Tone FoxxOct Fuzz

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FoxxOct Fuzz is a full-bodied octave fuzz, textured and twisted, but the versatile Mellow-Brite tone control takes it from warm and sticky to bright and sharp. This knob gives the pedal much more range than most two-knob fuzzes and even outperforms many others with tone knobs, the mids don't get overly aggressive unless you really press the tone control, and the balance between the thunderous bass and effervescent highs is easy to manage. As for the gain range, there's enough to make the sustain control worthwhile.

When the octave is triggered a notorious Foxxoct sonic savagery appears. The octave above itself is clearer than most, with a vicious growl and a storm of harmonic overload.

The Volume, Sustain and Fuzz controls produce a variety of sonic textures, from smooth square-wave distortion to hyper-compressed, out-of-control cacophony. Of course, you can adjust FoxxOct to a setting that falls between the two extremes as well.

Controls: Volume, Sustain and Tone, Switch Octave Up. Color: Aluminum. Power: Standard 9Vdc External Source (Negative Center). Without Battery Clip


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