BECOS FX TS8-MS Overdrive and MIDI/Amp Channel Switcher (Gear Hero Exclusive)
BECOS FX TS8-MS Overdrive and MIDI/Amp Channel Switcher (Gear Hero Exclusive)

BECOS FX TS8-MS Overdrive and MIDI/Amp Channel Switcher (Gear Hero Exclusive)

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TS8-MS is the only MIDI-enabled Analog Overdrive & MIDI Switcher in a classic guitar effect pedal! It can be used concomitantly as a classic tubescreamer guitar effect and guitar amplifier channel switcher. It responds to MIDI Program Change and Control Change messages for all its switching functions, which perform simultaneously in either MIDI Receive or in MIDI Transmit mode. It can also be used as a simple MIDI-Controller, transmitting 3 presets (Program Change numbers) while foot-switching between Bypass, Effect, and Extended (Long-Push). This pedal was designed to blend the sweetest sounding overdrive with the versatility of a MIDI amp channel switcher. It proves to be more than just a great tubescreamer, it is a versatile tool in the hands of a musician.

TS8-MS is an analog overdrive pedal with classic 808 tubescreamer feel and with added quirks. Alongside being a tubescreamer effect, it combines MIDI functionalities and switching capabilities. It can be used as a MIDI amp channel switcher, making it a reliable, one-of-a-kind tool for guitarists.

It can even be used as a very simple MIDI Controller! On footswitch action, TS8-MS transmits three MIDI Program Change numbers, one for each pedal state: Bypass, Overdrive, and Extended (long push on the footswitch). TS8-MS responds to MIDI Program Change (PC) and MIDI Control Change (CC) messages for all of its switching capabilities: bypass and external switching.

A 16-position Multi-Function Switch inside pedal assigns a switching pattern for the two independent Switching Relays, in relation to pedal’s state (Bypass, Overdrive, or Extended). This pattern is applied to footswitch action alone and is independent of the MIDI-controlled switching capabilities. With this function, for example, this single pedal can control the amplifier’s channel and an external multi-effects unit, on top of being an overdrive effect.

The TS8-MS does not store presets. A programmable MIDI Controller (i.e. Rocktron Midimate, etc.) must be configured with the appropriate MIDI messaging to which the TS8-MS will respond. Please read the manual and the quick setup guide for a better understanding of how it works. From smooth overdriven tone to rawer distortion voicing

Becos-TS8-MS MIDI Overdrive / Switcher PedalTS8-MS MIDI Overdrive has classic analog controls: Gain, Tone, Output, plus an additional 3-toggle switch for selecting clipping mode, which expands the Gain control for three different voicings:

  • Classic – symmetric clipping with Silicon diodes, used for classic tubescreamer feel & sound, where more saturated compression is needed.
  • Asymmetric – also using Silicon diodes, provides a bit of air into the clipping and adds a little more gain; it really helps with higher gain amplifiers.
  • Custom – it comes with our selection of LED’s. This mode is better for an almost clean sound or as a boost in the lower gain settings. In the higher gain setting, it provides a wilder distortion.

In any voicing, the playing dynamic is gracefully complemented by dynamic, tube-like, musical distortion with gentle recovery. When using TS8-MS, the instrument’s volume control suddenly becomes your new best friend! Higher gain settings reveal more clipping, compression and singing sustain, especially with Classic and Asymmetric modes, while LED’s make the pedal behave more like a distortion effect.

With TS8-MS pedal you not only add a quality analog overdrive in front of a guitar amplifier and switch it remotely with a programmable MIDI controller, but you can also switch amplifier’s channels with MIDI commands.This means you are adding MIDI RELAY SWITCHING to almost any guitar amplifier that supports external switching. You can also use TS8-MS’s MIDI switching capabilities to control other pedals that support external switching.


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