Alexander Pedals Neo Link MIDI Interface
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Alexander Pedals Neo Link MIDI Interface

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Get total control over your Neo Series pedals with the Neo Link. This simple passive interface allows you to connect up to four Neo Series pedals together using standard TRS cables. Once connected, you can use the pedal plugged into the Master port to control the program selections of the others. If you have a MIDI controller, you can connect it to the MIDI Input port to get even more comprehensive control.

The Neo Link operates in two modes:

MASTER: Connect any Neo Series pedal to the red jack marked 1 / Master. Changing presets on the master pedal will cause all other connected Neo Series pedals to change their presets to match.

LINK: Connect a MIDI controller to the MIDI IN jack. The Neo Link will send MIDI from this port to any connected Neo Series pedal. Use Link mode to control each connected pedal separately on its own MIDI channel if desired.

The Neo Link will also work with other brands of pedals that receive MIDI using a 1/4" jack including Empress and Meris. The Neo Link will work with Chase Bliss Audio pedals, but requires a TRS reverse cable such as the Disaster Area MJ-CBA. Please note that since the Chase Bliss pedals do not have a MIDI output, they will not retransmit MIDI to other devices in the MIDI chain and should be placed in the highest numbered jack on the Neo Link.


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