Dogman Devices Ouroboros Feedback Looper, Engraved
Dogman Devices

Dogman Devices Ouroboros Feedback Looper, Engraved

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Do you like chaos? Perfect. Ouroboros allows you to feed the output from a pedal or chain of pedals back into itself, creating all kinds of madness. What exactly happens will depend on what it is connected to—great for experimentation. Common results include pedals becoming self-oscillating and general mayhem.

Also acts as a true-bypass loop—this allows you to use pedals in the Send-Receive loop without feedback.

I used to make feedback loops with a reverb pedal I own that has two in’s and out’s. But I wanted some more versatility, and thus came Ouroboros. At first, I liked using feedback loops to make noise and general chaos, but they can be used to simulate audio feedback, to produce drones, and in some cases, just makes an effect sound a little different.

Ouroboros does not need power. Built in Oxford, Ohio.


WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm. For more information go to