Dogman Devices Earth Overdrive
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Dogman Devices Earth Overdrive

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The Earth. We live on it. It’s a transistor-based, gentle-yet-hard-clipping ball of dirt we call home. With Stone set to its lowest, Earth provides some gentle compression, but when Stoned to the bone, things get hairy, yet still clean enough for crisp chords.

With the Stone control at its minimum, Earth adds a touch of subtle warmth and compression, and at its max, offers a flavor of overdrive that isn’t too far removed from a cranked amp or a cleaned-up fuzz. Like most effects, this will vary with your equipment. With the low-end included, at this circuit’s core are a single silicon transistor and two silicon diodes for hard-clipping. LVL is level/volume, STONE is gain/dirt, power is the standard 9 volt, center-negative (not included)

Each one of these are slightly different. Each little metal box I order is slightly different, and little idiosyncrasies not only remain apparent when the metal is left unpainted but, in some cases, polishing will emphasize these features. They are all polished, engraved, and hammer-texted.

Note for Stereo and Parallel Rigs: this effect will invert the phase of the signal. Built in Oxford, OH.


WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm. For more information go to