Dogman Devices Air Delay Fuzz
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Dogman Devices Air Delay Fuzz

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Analog-voiced delay. Ranges from a short, clean echo, to a dirty, infinite ambiance. Switch on the Storm to engage the mid-delay fuzz circuit. The fuzz and delay interact and allow you to access new sonic soundscapes—breathe it in.

The third installment in the Elemental series, Air is my first delay pedal. Based around the tried and true PT2399 chip, I wanted to be able to do echoes as well as long, lo-fi delays and self-oscillation. What initially started as an idea for a “tape age” simulator became a full-on fuzz circuit (it even has germanium clipping diodes)—so imagine the tape age ranges from antique to ancient.

While the Storm is engaged, delay repeats also act like a feedback loop, meaning that self-oscillation is very easily achieved (it is possible without the Storm on, but only in the upper range or repeats).

  • Power: center-negative, 9V (something like a BOSS power supply is perfect)
  • X: Mix - all the way left is completely clean, all the way right leaves a very small amount of clean signal.
  • Cloud: Storm’s fuzz control
  • Hourglass: delay time, ranges from about 60 milliseconds to about 600 milliseconds.
  • Repeats: goes from single echo to infinite


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