Keyztone Wahouwah Multi-Wah
Keyztone Wahouwah Multi-Wah

Keyztone Wahouwah Multi-Wah

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The WahouWah is a unique pedal for guitar and bass guitar players who are looking for Wah versatility and new creative tones. With our patent pending wah detection system, plug your wah pedal and/or your expression pedal into the WahouWah and get an incomparable guitar expressiveness.

The signal path is ANALOG and the pedal uses a Bluetooth application for deep configuration. Keyztone provides a simple and very complete mobile application (smartphone and tablet) to perform unlimited possibilities of the Wahouwah pedal (Android, IOS).

  • All the Wah tones in a pedal
  • Choose, change, load, save your preset
  • Extended bandwidth for sub and harmonic effects
  • Configure the toe and heel response.
  • Transform your wah pedal into a volume or boost pedal.
  • AutoWah, TremoloWha, AutoVolume
  • 4 Wah analog filters : Normal Wah, Hard Wah, Soft Wah, No Wah
  • Blend options (mix the dry signal with the wah signal)
  • Original Bypass solutions
  • Stroke and linearity adjustment
  • Easy external pedal calibration
  • Up to 6 presets saved in the pedal
  • Infinite preset library
  • Analog – Full audio signal
  • Low noise conception


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