Onkart Gromt TurboTore V2 Bass Parametric EQ
Onkart Gromt

Onkart Gromt TurboTore V2 Bass Parametric EQ

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TurboTore v2 is a really nice eq pedal. 6 totally variable bands, adjustable level, frequency and resonance(Q). And you can save 7 presets. With a really nice screen showing the filter and a VU meter lighting up the front cover.

While most EQ pedals on the market are limited by fixed frequency bands, TurboTore brings another level of control to your sound. With a fully parametric EQ, you are able to dial in the exact frequency response you want. Many will find this pedal as simple to use as a typical DAW plugin. And yet for others that may be a bit much to wrap their brains around, which is why we also incorporated 7 factory made presets that can be accessed via the footswitches. Of course, you can change the presets to your own taste.

Another cool feature of this pedal is the dual inputs that can be mixed together. This way you can have presets set for 2 different bass guitars, for the mid-show bass swap. Or for compensating for differing low end when going from bass guitar to synth bass, etc.

LEVEL - Each band can be adjusted from -12dB to +12dB. As several bands can be layered on top of each other it is possible to get even more gain or reduction. But beware; this can lead to distortion if pushed too far!

FREQ - This knob controls the corner frequency (for shelving filters) or center frequency (for peaking filters) of the currently selected EQ-band.

Q - The width of each band is controlled by the Q knob. A narrow band (high Q) will affect a small portion of the frequency spectrum, while a small number affects a wide range.

OUTPUT - The overall output level can be adjusted from -6dB to +6dB.

BAND - The band toggle switch controls which band you are controlling with the other knobs. Band 1 is a low shelf filter. Bands 2-5 are peaking filters. Band 6 is a high shelf filter.


WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.